Dinner at 51Fifteen

For my first pick, I had to check out the fabulous 51Fifteen, located inside Saks. I was so torn between trying their brunch or dinner because both menus had great options. I decided to go for dinner for date night. It is definitely a great spot to take your boo thang! Check out the modern, chic decor. I love it!

Now on to the food! First of all, I must say that waiting for our food was no problem since they serve the tastiest butter with their bread. This butter is creamy and had a sort of sweetness to it. Okay so for our first courses, I ordered the Roasted Squash and Apple Salad. It was composed of a slice of roasted squash, piled with arugula, slivers of green apple then topped with candied pecans. The dressing was a ginger vinaigrette. This was my first time having squash with my salad so I had to get use to that flavor and soft texture. I was so glad that the candied pecans gave the salad some crunch and sweetness. Overall, it was good because I'm a fan of arugula and it went well with the tartness of the apple and sweetness of the candied pecans. However, I was not into the squash too much. On the other hand, my husband's Lobster Bisque was great! It had a strong sherry flavor with the lobster and it was had heat to it. This was the first Lobster Bisque I've had that was spicy and I loved it!

For the second courses, I had the 10 oz Double Pork Chop with pumpkin and bacon risotto, honey balsamic glaze, topped with fried onions. The pork chop was cooked perfectly at a medium temperature and had a great pork flavor. The fried onions were seasoned well and were so good. I had to stop myself from just popping them in my mouth! The pumpkin and bacon risotto was different but good. It actually tasted even better as left overs...assuming the flavors marinated even more into the rice. I've only had pumpkin in pie so this was something new for my tastebuds. My husband, like the man that he is, ordered the 16 oz Texas T-Bone. It came with garlic mashed potatoes and haricot verts, aka green beans. The garlic mashed potatoes were AMAZING! Each bite I took made me really start wondering how I could replicate it at home. They were just so full of garlic flavor but not off putting. It paired well with his juicy, tender steak. That meat was executed so well.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Last but not least, was dessert. I chose the Blackberry Bourbon Cobbler. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of it because the ice cream was all melted. I don't know if I just took too long taking pictures of the other dessert or if they served it too late. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the dessert. It had a great crumble on top and the berries were fresh. I didn't like that the ice cream was melted and soon I felt like I was drinking it. The other dessert was the White Chocolate Bread Pudding. I thought it would have tasted like the bread pudding from Ruggles Green but I was very disappointed. From a conversation I had with the manager, I was told that it was the same recipe. What I had that night was not the same. It was good but not great and definitely not as amazing as the Ruggles version. 

Overall, the experience was nice and the food was balanced between classic dishes and new flavors. It was a great way to set off HRW.