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The drive-thru on demand app is launching in houston

Drive Thru on Demand - 'we make every restaurant a drive thru restaurant"

We’ve all been in that situation. That situation where you want a fresh, delicious meal but don’t have time or energy to sit at a restaurant.  Your choices? Drive-thru at Chic-Fil-A or maybe Panera Bread if you’re feeling extra. But you’re really craving that amazing sushi roll from that one restaurant down the street. Thank goodness for a new app coming our way, Drive-Thru On Demand. Revolutionizing the way we order food, Drive-Thru On Demand allows any restaurant to provide drive-thru service. If you’re a foodie like myself, this is exciting news! Now you can get made-to-order, quality meals at your favorite restaurants without the hassle of drive thru speakers, windows and lines.

Launching in Houston soon, the app provides an innovative way to eat fresh at home or anywhere you’re headed. How does it work? It’s simple.

DRIVE-THRU On Demand App
  1. Place your order on the app. Choose from any of the participating restaurants.

  2. The restaurant receives your order in real time. Get notifications on the status of your order. Once it’s ready, you’ll get an “Order is Ready” alert.

  3. Pull up to the restaurant, hit the “I Am Here” button, and a restaurant employee will bring your food right to you.

Let’s face it America, we eat out way too much. In the world of working mothers and being on the go, it’s no surprise that fast food chains are making a killing in the restaurant industry. In 2015, $201 billion went  through drive thru windows for national fast food chains. In hopes of shifting these sales to our local communities, Drive-Thru On Demand will only partner with locally owned restaurants. If you have a restaurant that you love and want to support, head to their website here and nominate them to join this amazing platform.  


So who started all of this? Houston restauranteur, John Carlew and entrepreneur Chris Spradlin are the minds behind the app. Carlew has played an integral role in opening nearly 200 national restaurants such as Chick-fil-A, Quiznos and Cicis. He now champions locally owned restaurants by helping them compete more aggressively with national chains for a piece of the multi-billion dollar drive-thru industry. Being a Houston native, Carlew chose Houston to debut the app because the city is a hub of innovation in the food and dining industry.
In just a few months, Carlew and Spradlin have raised nearly $300,000 to fund Drive-Thru On Demand. With the app at 95% completion, Drive-Thru On Demand is now seeking support to launch in the Houston market area this year by tapping into the crowdfunding and user participation that can be generated by Indiegogo. Become part of the action now before the campaign ends on August 20, 2017. Various perks and incentives are being offered. Click here to support Drive-Thru On Demand and your local restaurants! Starting at just $25, you can be part of Drive-Thru On Demand history!

To stay up to date with Drive-Thru On Demand, follow them on their social channels!





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