Washington DC in 24 Hours

November 21, 2017

It's not just a city for the politicians. Washington DC has so much character and diversity. The food scene is amazing and the historical pieces make it super interesting. But unfortunately, I only had one day to spend in DC. Here was my itinerary for DC in 24 hours!

Lunch at Duke's Grocery

This place was  a great first meal after landing. This local pub is laid back and serves awesome food. Another blogger suggested this place because of the Proper Burger. I always take other bloggers' suggestions very seriously and so had to add this to my list. The menu itself is short and to the point. They do several appetizers, burgers and sides and have a daily pie for dessert. After reading the components of the Proper Burger, I knew I would be in burger heaven! Angus beef, melted gouda, dill pickles, charred red onions, arugala, thai sweet chili, garlic aioli, brioche bun. I mean, come on, those ingredients are amazing together! I also added white truffle oil for $2 extra (also suggested). This burger was an explosion of flavors. The sweetness of the thai chili balanced out the tartness of the pickles and paired well with the onions. Additionally, I had to order the Local Corn 'Elote Locos'. I was on the fence because Texas has some amazing elote. But their plate was great competition. The generous portions of crema and cotija cheese created a super creamy texture. The chili sauce and lime added great flavor to the roasted corn. To add to this party in my mouth, I also ordered the Truffle Mac & Cheese. It was truly a delightful dish. It was super creamy and cheesey. The truffle was highlighted very well. After this first stop, I knew the rest of my trip was going to be filled with wonderful food. 

coffee at the wydown

After lunch, I had to get some coffee to warm me up. Not too far from Duke's is a cute coffee shop called The Wydown. I loved the vibes here. The front was open to the street and inside the baristas stayed busy. The front also had the coolest latte art on the walls. There were pictures made by liquid coffee. Check out my IG video here! I ordered a Vanilla Latte and Green Tea Latte for my daughter. The Vanilla Latte was light and creamy, with a modest coffee taste. This was perfect for the middle of the day, when I wouldn't have wanted a dark roast anyway. The Green Tea Latte had a strong matcha taste but was not overpowering. It too was creamy and frothed just right. They also had an assortment of housemade breads and desserts that looked so good. 

the smithsonian

Visiting The Smithsonian was a definite must! It's free to enter. The Smithsonian is made up of 19 world-class museums, galleries, gardens and a zoo. You will for sure need more than one day if you plan on going to more than one. We decided to visit the National Museum of Natural History. It was the coolest museum I have ever been to. The Mammals section was full of real life animals that have been preserved. They were pretty awesome.

After sizing up ourselves next to these real life creatures, we headed to the Butterfly Pavilion. This part was a live butterfly experience where free flying butterflies surrounded you. Tickets for kids are $5 and adults are $6.  The fee is definitely worth it. Beautiful butterflies from all around the world fly right by you and some of them might even land on you! 

 Waterfront dining and shopping 

Waterfront dining and shopping 

After a long day of travelling, walking and driving around, we skipped a sit down dinner and decided to take out instead. We stopped at The Wharf, a newly developed area full of stores and restaurants. The new area looked like an add on to the the Seafood Market that is positioned on one side. Not only can you buy fresh seafood, but some of the vendors sell cooked seafood. Being so tired, this was perfect for our group. We decided to buy from the very first vendor, Evan's Brothers Seafood, as the aroma of fried seafood caught our attention right away. They serve all types of seafood, soups, tacos and cakes. I ended up getting the Jumbo Seafood Platter, which came with cod, shrimp, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes clam strips and two sides. All of this only cost $25. I didn't quite like the cod or the oysters. However, the shrimp and the crab cakes were tasty. Be sure to give your receipt to the booth right next to this spot. He will validate your parking so that you only pay $3! 

Sleep at Falls Church Marriott

When it was time to relax and catch some zzz's, we opted to stay at Falls Church Marriott, about 30 minutes away from DC. I highly recommend this hotel. For less than $100 a night, it was a truly great value. It was very clean and the service was excellent. During check-in, we were all offered bottles of water. The bed was super comfortable and made for a great night's sleep. They also have a parking lot where parking is free. The whole experience went above my expectations. 

Breakfast at Founding farmers

 Chocolate Scone from Greenberry's Coffee Co

Chocolate Scone from Greenberry's Coffee Co

The next morning, we headed back to DC to Founding Farmers. Expect a wait at this popular eatery. After being told our wait would be about 45 minutes, we decided to grab coffee and a pastry to hold us over. Across the street is a coffee shop called Greenberry's Coffee Co. The coffee was mediocre and the wait time was longer than usual for some coffee. There was a long line when we got there that didn't seem to move quite efficiently. However, the Chocolate Scone was to die for! It was the BEST scone EVER! The texture was not dry but still had a crunchy exterior. The inside was moist and filled with just the right amount of chocolate chips. It definitely made up for the substandard coffee. 

After get a text message from Founding Farmers, we headed back over in a hurry. The menu was full of amazing choices. Trying to be a bit healthier, I ordered the Roasted Vegetable Pan Scramble, with a side of leek hash browns and multigrain toast. It was a really light yet flavorful dish. My kids got the pancakes, which came with cinnamon infused syrup. These pancakes were fluffy and buttery. We also ordered their fresh squeezed orange juice, which was really fresh. Be sure to request the strawberry jam! They won't offer it to you. The entire meal was perfection. 

 Breakfast at Founding Farmers

Breakfast at Founding Farmers

Union Market

The Union Market is a food lover's dream! It's a huge warehouse building set up like a food court. There's all types of food from all over the world here. There's also little shops where you can buy gourmet groceries and goods. Here are the must try food vendors:

  • Toli Moli  - Order a Falooda! Click on the link to see what that is!
  • Puddin' - Get some true comfort food here! They serve awesome Cajun dishes like Crawfish Etoufee and Gumbo
  • TaKorean - Chipotle style Korean bowls
  • Bidwell - The pizza here is mind blowing! 

Quick tip: It was pretty crowded as we were there on a Saturday afternoon. If you can't find a table inside, you're better off sitting communal style outside.