The Best: 4 Must Try Poke Bowls

Ever since poke bowls have landed in Houston, I have been a huge fan. What is poke? Simply put, it is a raw fish salad. I like to say it is deconstructed sushi in a bowl. At a poke restaurant, you usually go down a "Chipotle" style line and add whatever you want into your custom bowl. However, some restaurants have Signature Bowls where they have created the bowls for you. Below are my top 4 favorite poke bowls. Trust me on this!

1. Salmon Thaiviche - Pokeology

Salmon, Fish Sauce Marinade, Basil, Garlic, Peanuts, Thai Chili

Oh my goodness, this stuff is life changing! The flavors of the salmon, fish sauce and the thai chili complement each other so well. The crunch from the peanuts and cucumbers give it great texture. I crave this bowl every time I think of poke.

2. Truffle Yellowtail - SeaSide Poke

Shoyo,Truffle, Puff Rice, Cilantro, Ito Togarashi

Okay, when I saw truffle on this menu, I was super excited. The emotions were even more real when I had my first bite. The truffle oil in this is exquisite! This is truly a bowl full of exploding flavors. 

3. Salmon Ponzu - SeaSide Poke

Ponzu, Orange, Edamame, Garlic

This bowl makes you feel so happy and good inside. The oranges give it a great citrusy flavor that just brightens up your whole demeanor when you eat this. It's light and refreshing. The garlic balances out the citrus and adds a good kick to the bowl.

4. Bara Chirashi Bowl - Ra Sushi

Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber Pokie Sauce 

This dish was definitely a surprise to me. I was not expecting Ra Sushi to have an amazing poke bowl that consisted of different types of seafood. The mix of the various fish and the shrimp made this bowl memorable. It went perfect with the orange sauce (sorry I don't even know what that sauce is).