Our Thoughts: Wine Down at Haak Winery

Tucked away behind a secluded area of Galveston County, in the city of Santa Fe, is a hidden gem, Haak Vineyards and Winery. Not even being a very big wine drinker, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. It started off with a 3:30 tour in the afternoon, with a group of about 30 people. We began the tour at the cellar. There, large barrels of wine are stored until they are ready to be bottled. In the same area, Mr. Haak has a special locked gate where he keeps wine that has been aged longest. These bottles are reserved for friends and special guests, as well as members of the Wine Club. We then moved along to other aspects of their processes which include wine making, storing and bottling. 

At the end of the tour was the anticipated tasting. We were given four, pre-selected wines and one Madeira to taste. They tasted so flavorful. The freshness was one that is not comparable to a bottle bought from the store. Each note was recognized. After the tour, my friends and I decided to do a couple more tastings. For just $10, you can select three wines from the tasting menu. There is also a mini grocery area where you can purchase crackers, meat, cheese, nuts and chocolates to complement the wines. They also provide a cutting board and knife to lay out your food and to cut the cheese and meat. Overall, it was a very relaxing, yet fun event. 

As mentioned, they offer a Wine Club that has excellent perks! As a member, you can get free, unlimited tours and tastings for you and two guests. Additionally, there are special events just for members and additional discounts on wines. Click here to learn more about it. It is actually a good value and I plan on joining for the September shipment.

***Here's a quick tip before you head out to Haak Vineyards and Winery. Purchase their Groupon! For $20, you get a tour for 2 and a $20 credit in the store for merchandise and food. You're welcome!

I'll be sure to update my review on the Wine Club. Stay tuned!